Nightmare Tan Lines! What to wear to avoid them

We don’t play favorites on what swimsuits we love the most – we adore bikinis, bandeau tops, and monokinis alike. However, when it comes to tanning, we do discriminate on what swimsuit we’re breaking out for the day. Nothing is worse than showing up at an event or on a date with a crazy tan line going across your face, chest, back, arm, or butt (I don’t know why anyone would see your butt at an event or on a date, but hey, you never know).  Unfortunately, during the summer we are bound to see disastrous tan lines roaming the beaches. We just hope you don’t get caught with nightmare-ish tans like these:

Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian’s Racoon Tan Line

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Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous face turned into a hot mess when she dozed off on vacation last year. Kim K tweeted “PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned! I fell asleep with huge glasses yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!!” I agree it is not okay. So in order to not have the awful face tan, never ever fall asleep when laying out. Most importantly, wear sunblock on your face to ensure you will not be a victim of a fashion faux pas (oh and of skin cancer, of course).

*Recommendation*: Wear a Hat. Dozing off will be that much more relaxing and fashionable.

Exhibit B: The Racerback Tan Line

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This poor girl (who shall remain anonymous) wore an at-back swimsuit while frolicking on the beach or laying out at her local pool. If you are looking to enjoy a nice tan, follow the # 1 rule: never wear a racerback one-piece or bikini that doesn’t tie at the back. While we love our monokinis and one-pieces, they are best used if you don’t plan on actually laying out for too long, or if you are at an indoor pool party.


Exhibit C: Jada Pinkett’s Neck Straps Pickle

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We love Jada Pinkett Smith. She’s married to hottie Will Smith and we can tell she wears the pants in the family. Love! However, we do not love her unfortunate tan line. Summertime is when everyone breaks out their tube tops and strapless numbers, so if you plan on doing so, avoid wearing a triangle swimsuit top with straps that tie around your neck. Both triangle and halter tops provide some advantages to us gals, such as bust support (and an assurance that you won’t have a nip slip if you’re running on the beach) and comfort, but it may not be the best option for tanning purposes.

*Recommendation*: The best option to avoid the awful neck tan is by wearing a bandeau swimsuit. Bandeau swimsuits are essentially ‘strapless’ tops that tie at the back. Some bandeau tops also come with removable halter straps that can be removed when you’re ready to tan. 

Please don’t be a victim of the nightmare tans on your next vacation; make sure to wear necessary sunscreen and have the best swimsuit for each occasion.

Ana Lopez

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