Nadya Suleman, the woman currently known as Octomom for having given birth to eight kids last year, has decided to show off her new bikini body in Betsey Johnson Swimwear. The transformation between the huge tummy with eight kids and this flat stomach has left us, well, speechless. What, when, and most importantly, HOW did she do that?

At The Hop Halter Bikini by Betsey Johnson

The controversy among nay-sayers of Octomom rages on, with debates on whether she’s gotten plastic surgery, whether she should’ve had more kids, whether she should keep her newborn babies, etc, etc. We’re just shocked at the transformation. And amazed that Octomom found the time to not only pose in a bikini but that she chose such a cute one. The At The Hop Halter Bikini by Betsey Johnson Swimwear is a pin up style suit with polka dots, inspired by the hop days of the 50s. The At the Hop string bottom has soft ties at the sides, so it does not cut into the skin, therefore avoiding the ‘muffin top’ look. It has become one of Betsey Johnson’s most popular styles, and it is a bestseller at our swimwear boutique. Many of us may not bounce back with a post-baby body like that, but we sure as heck can spot a cute bikini when we see one!

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