We can’t decide what we like best about the latest swimsuit pictures released of Gisele Bundchen…her meditating or her too-cute-for-words son, Benjamin Brady. What else is a model-athlete power couple to do in the winter months? Escape to Costa Rica, of course. Joining a group of friends, this stunning family enjoyed the tropical getaway. The trip semi celebrated the couple’s third anniversary and New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady invited his teammate Wed Welker and fiancée along for the luxury vaca.

Gisele was spotted in her signature skimpy bikinis and this time she chose a string. The model’s meditation on the sands of Costa Rica make any of us excited to don a two piece just like hers and enjoy a little ‘R & R’. Gisele’s zebra printed triangle top and matching string bottom blends in perfectly with the exotic scenery and her pose looks so serene. Why does Gisele love string bikinis so much? While we can’t speak for the model, we like to say we know a few things about swimwear and we know string bikinis are a popular choice.

String bikinis offer adjustability at the ties. This is especially beneficial when it comes to the bikini bottoms because the adjustability allows for the perfect fit without muffin-top. The string bottom design also helps elongate your legs. String bottoms come in all colors and patterns but we can’t get enough of this latest style, the Wild Savannah Triangle by Sav Summer. A new designer at The Orchid Boutique, Sav Summer offers some excellent designs with simple yet luxurious detailing. The Wild Savannah Triangle features an animal print, adjustable triangle top, and a string bottom, just like Gisele’s. Gold hardware detailing adds a dainty touch of class to this simple suit at the ends of the strings and a charm detail at the center of the top. Be sure to shop all string bottom styles here to find the perfect choice for your next exotic escape.


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