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It has been such a crazy time for us here at Orchid Boutique. Not only is Spring upon us, but Summer is right around the corner, which means everyone is gearing up to lock in their bikinis. If you haven’t already purchased your suit from us, then what the heck are you waiting for?! We’ve had a ton of fans and bloggers alike snapping their pictures in our swimsuits and hashtagging #whichwayisthebeach. We choose fans at random with their tagged pictures and reward them in a HUGE way. Here’s the breakdown of how you can win:

1) Buy a sexy swimsuit from Orchid Boutique (this one is really a no-brainer)

2) Post a picture of your new swimsuit on your social media page

3) Add the hashtag #whichwayisthebeach and tag us (Instagram – @orchidbtq/ Twitter – @orchidboutique)

4) Cross your fingers and hope you win!

We choose a winner a month, so keep snappin’ those photos!

As we said, fashion bloggers also have been showcasing our swimwear with some fabulous photographs. What’s so fun about seeing these photos, both bloggers and fans alike, is that you can see each piece of swimwear with a whole different take. Each person, and each body type, brings out a new and fresh feel to each suit and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share our favorites.

Kiara from Tobruck Ave





Kiara recently rocked the Milonga Kenya Underwire Bikini on her blog. Kiara was in South Africa and took some AMAZING photographs on the beach. Just look at that backdrop!! We were thrilled that Kiara killed it in Milonga, an exclusive style only at Orchid Boutique.

Sacha from Bahamas Girl

@_Bahamas_Girl is her Instagram name, and we’ve never been disappointed perusing her photos. Sacha is featured in truly sensational beach photos, both underwater and on land alike. She wore the Orchid Label Blake Daisy Sunflower bikini and the Maaji Ruffles Reef bottoms.

ocean_photos84 (2)

ocean_photos237s (2)

ocean_photos268 (2)



Can’t wait to keep sharing our fan favorites and blogger photos throughout the summer!



Ana Lopez

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