Orchid Boutique Films a Rap Video in the Name of Brazilian Bikinis




Alright guys, so we have some news. Orchid Boutique filmed a rap video recently in the name of company culture, and of course Brazilian bikinis. That’s right, kids, your favorite online swimwear boutique has joined the ranks of the greats, like Vanilla Ice, J.J. Fab, and Run DMC and filmed one of the greatest raps about bikinis that you probably ever heard.

We have fun here at Orchid Boutique. We can get silly, and make complete fools of ourselves, but we also work very hard. We work hard at promoting our brand and our swimsuits because we believe in what we’re doing and what we’re selling. Company culture is HUGE here, and this is why we jumped on board to shoot this rap video.

First, some things you should know about the video.

1) The woman with the killer dance moves and the attitude is none other than our CEO and founder, Mayra Jimenez. What other country has a CEO and boss who likes to twerk in the name of bikinis?!

2) The rap was written by yours truly. Rhyming “kicks” with “clicks”, yep that was this genius right here.

3) The cameo of the only male in the video and in our company is the CFO and founder, Ivan Rincon. Bless his heart for putting up with all this office estrogen.

4) Raley can sing, dance, and play guitar. Check out her other video on our page with an original tune about our company.

5) Natalia wore her “Homies” shirt specifically for this video, as well as for the first time in her life.

6) WE HAD PATRON. That bottle of Patron you see in the video is not a prop. We drank it. We needed to loosen up, because film a rap video about bikinis in the middle of your office building’s courtyard can be quite daunting to say the least.

And now, without further ado, the Orchid Boutique Rap Video:

We hope you enjoyed this little gem we through together for YOU. The next time you’re thinking about shopping for monokinis, think about your favorite rapping monokini squad and choose us to fulfill all your swimwear needs


Ana Lopez

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