Miami has a great group of fashion bloggers that put on very fun events around the city and the Orchid Boutique loves to be a part of them. Recently, Simonett Pereira, the Co-Founder & Editor of Miami Style Mafia, invited us to bring our fabulous resort wear to their Style Wars event, letting us know we’d be perfect for the ‘What to Wear to a Yacht Party’ round.

Here’s how it went: There were two teams of bloggers: Ria Michelle and Le Pretty Stellar VS Nany’s Klozet and Steffy’s Pros and Cons. Each team had to style their model in 7 minutes with apparel and swimwear provided by boutiques like ours. Once their models were styled, they stood in front of the panel of judges who were also bloggers and each blogger choose their favorite look. The judges were Rachael Russell, Amanda Del Duca, Simonett Pereira and Eugenia Alliegro.

I was super excited about this event (since resort wear is our specialty) and immediately pulled our most popular pieces that could easily mix together to make a number of great outfits. I invited Simonette to come check out the looks and she also agreed: everything was fabulous. Check her out taking a pic of her own of all of the Orchid merchandise.

The event took place at Ricochet Lounge in Midtown Miami. It was the perfect venue for this kind of event because it’s the perfect size to fit a great sized crowd but still keep it intimate. The resort wear challenge was round two and I was pleased (but not surprised!) to see that both teams used Orchid Boutique-wear. Though I knew the Berry Knotted Fringe would definitely be chosen for one of the models, it was great to see Ria Michelle and Le Pretty Stellar choose the Friday Bash Pants and the Gates of Chic one piece. That particular outfit was picked out by me while I brainstormed in our warehouse about what best-of-the-best pieces I could give them and those girls saw my same vision.

Nany’s Klozet and Steffy’s Pros and Cons were the lucky winners of the resort round with the Berry Knotted Fringe and flowy pants that had a great print on them. Congrats, ladies! You didn’t crumble under the 7 minute-pressure!

To shop the winning look, visit our site here:

To shop the Friday Bash pants by Maaji Swimwear, visit our site here:

To shop the Gates of Chic one piece by Malai Swimwear, visit our site here:

To shop the floppy hat, visit our site here:

Images provided by Amy Zaiss.


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