It’s official… Orchid Boutique was named Boutique of the Week by We’re elated to be granted this honor and the feature about our flagship boutique at’s website boasts some fabulous quotes and details about us and the new store. We love the way was able to highlight our store with an image encompassing our fuchsia dressing room curtains and matching lounge chairs, our black and white carpet and large silver framed mirror, our television screen viewing model images and behind the scenes videos, and of course our lovely merchandise displayed around the store on racks, hangbars, shelves and tables.

Author Maria Tettamanti made sure to cover all of the important points about our flagship boutique now open in South Beach. She’s provided all of the information you need including name, address, phone number, and website plus ‘The Lowdown’, ‘The ‘hood’, ‘The Ambiance’, and ‘Highlights’.’s Boutique of the Week has been featuring the best of the best for Miamians to find their favorite apparel and accessories and we’re so happy to have made this week’s edition. Enjoy!


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