Unless you’re living under rocks, you should know that last night was the 86th Annual Academy Awards and boy, was it amazing. Notoriously known for being extremely lengthy and quite boring, this year’s award show marked a change in the Oscar culture. Not because anyone showed up in designer swimwear, but their definitely was designer everything else. The reason for the change of culture? None other than funny woman herself, host Ellen DeGeneres. Not only was her comedic timing on point, but the jokes were laugh out loud funny. The whole pizza bit? Genius. but what really made these jokes work was the participation of the nominees themselves. For example, Lupita Nyong’o  and Merly Streep dancing with Pharrell during his performance of “Happy” (side note: catchiest song ever). Or the fact Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Julia Roberts all chowed down on pizza during the show. Or how about the ultimate selfie including Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts and more?

This awards show definitely was the best it has been in years. Let’s discuss some of the top moments.

Lupita Nyong’o Winning The Gold



Although Jennifer Lawrence was the rumored front runner, it was a pleasant surprise that newbie Lupita Nyong’o took home the gold statue. Her acting in 12 Years A Slave was beyond Superb and her speech was as eloquent as possible, quickly transforming into one of the top quoes of the day: “Your dreams are valid.” What a great inspiration.

John Travolta Butchering Idina Menzel’s Name

This was probably the funniest part of the night for me. I literally am watching the video now and laughing out loud. What’s funny is that Jason Sudeikis (of SNL fame) presented the award for the short films with crazy, crazy names. Sudeikis had a cheat sheet he showed Ryan Seacrest with all the phonetics of the names so that he didn’t botch any. Well done, Sudeikis, I wish you passed on that wisdom to Travolta because he had ONE name to get right, ONE name of a fairly famous, and very talented singer. And he complete botched it. RUINED. He turned IDINA MENZEL into ADELA DAZEEM. Check it out:


Not only is this absolutely hysterical, what’s even better is the fact that Adele Dazeem now has her own Twitter with almost 15k in followers.


The Best Selfie EVER

Ellen noted that she wanted to break records with the amount of retweets ever gotten, and boy did she ever. With probably the best selfie of life. Like, if anyone can top this selfie then that’s miraculous, because the amount of star power in this photo is heavenly.



How can you not love Ellen? How can you not LOVE Kevin Spacey’s face? It is honestly the best photo ever and easily was retweeted almost 3 million times. HOLY GEEZ.

Jared Leto’s Speech

Jared Leto took home the first award for best supporting actor and it was well deserved. Although Jonah Hill was also on our radar for Wolf of Wallstreet, Leto’s portrayal of Rayon in Dallas Buyer’s Club was just superb. But the best part about the win was his speech. He is adorable in telling the story of his mom who was a single mom who dropped out of school to make sure her kids had the best possible life. Besides that though, for me it was truly remarkable that Leto took the time to recognize the Ukraine as well as Venezuela for all the suffering and turmoil they’ve been enduring recently. Using such a public platform to remind the public of what’s going on in other areas of the world is a very generous move. Kudos, Leto.

Karen O’s Performance

I love Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. So when they joined forces on stage to sing one of the greatest songs of the year “The Moon Song” from the movie Her, it was sensational.


The performance is so simple, and it fits the movie so perfectly.

Best Dressed of the Night

The night was filled with fashion and some celebrities more than others really nailed it. Take a look at our favorites for the best dressed of the night.


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Share some of your favorite moments below!

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