Who here likes to follow “the rules”? Certainly not I! So why are so many of us limiting our bikini wardrobe to “matchy matchy” top and bottom sets? BORING! This year I am all about Mix & Match!

Orchid Label is the perfect brand to coordinate your own bikini combos by color OR style! So let’s just say you like Brazilian bottoms with bandeau tops, we have it for you. Let’s say you like high waist bottoms paired with halter tops, we have it for you. Any concoction you choose to create, Orchid Label can deliver. Kinda sounds like a super hero brand to me. Best part? Most suits are under $100 which is hard to find for the quality this brand brings.

Let’s get inspired and allow the creative juices start flowing shall we. We can start real simple, solid color blocking…

The Basics: Wear whatever you like! To me, there are no rules to color blocking. I find the crazier the combo the better! I personally like mixing bright colors together. I noticed that I get more compliments on my bikinis when I choose colors that other people are too afraid to put together

You can also play it safe… White or black with a fun bright color. My point is that the sky is the limit when you want to mix and match.


About a month ago (on payday of course) I splurged on 3 count em THREE of the same Orchid Label bikinis but all in different colors of course. The ladies around the office giggled that I was being crazy for getting all of the same bikini when we have such a huge assortment in stock. Well ladies… who’s laughing now… (Insert creepy laugh) “Mwaaahahaha!”

Let’s do the math shall we…..

I buy 3 Brazilian Scrunched Bikinis at $89 bucks a pop to total $267, quite a hefty purchase, or is it?

I take all three suits home to my fashion “lab-OR-at-OR-y” (it’s more fun if you say it like that) and I am able to generate 9 different color combos. Not bad if I do say so myself.

So hmmm… let me think… $89 per bikini… can total 9 combos… I think I just saved myself $534!

Putting it into perspective, I can wear a different bikini for 9 days in a row, post my pics online and not be a fashion victim of repeat outfits (that’s the worse). I am sharing this info with  you because it’s my duty as a young lady to make sure that anyone styled by me looks FAB, and a good friend always keeps it real… #Girl Code.

For more combos, visit our Mix & Match page under the style tab.


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