So, this weekend Orchid Boutique had the pleasure of putting together a video shoot for some of our most popular styles. If you know our boss, Mayra, you’d know that the initial 100 “most popular styles” quickly turned into 120, and then “maybe more than 120″…and we ended up with somewhere around 200 styles. Psh… what a long, fast, crazy, tiring, exciting weekend! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! (Us Orchid Babes are a little intense )

Our main model, Anna couldn’t have been more perfect. She was so much fun and really fell in love with all of our bathing suits. And besides that… she was gorgeous! We hired a second model for the second day of our shoot Kajsa. Just as gorgeous, but more in that blonde bombshell kind of way. Two fantastic models that really rounded out our video shoot.

The directors, producers, cinematographers and videographers were also just fantastic. We had two guys, Stephen Bell and Kariim Charlier who could both be considered theatrical masterminds. They worked tirelessly through the night setting up everything so we could hit the ground running at 6 a.m. And their hard work paid off! They lit the space perfectly that our models hardly even needed make up and every detail of the swimsuits were captured clear.



We’re so excited to share these amazing videos with you! We have our editor working hard to get them out by Christmas, so stay tuned!

When they are all uploaded, you will see an extra link on the swimsuit page “Video: Click to Play,” and with this useful tool, you will be able to see how the bathing suit you are interested in looks when you’re walking. And with that, you’ll be able to picture yourself in that gorgeous swimsuit, walking on a beautiful, calm, desolate beach.

Some of you may even choose to Shop By Video! As many of our customers do. Just another way Orchid Boutique goes the extra mile to help our customers choose the perfect swimsuit for them!








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