Orchid Boutique Showroom

Welcome, welcome to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in Orchid Boutique’s Miami, Florida showroom. Since moving from our South Beach location, we have set up shop in the ever-changing heart of Downtown Miami, directly neighboring the Adrienne Arsht Center. We are thrilled to have our showroom smack dab in the middle of our corporate offices for a more “hands-on” customer experience.

What this means is, when you stop by our showroom, you’re also catching a glimpse into the every-day lives of your favorite Orchid Boutique team. This creates a friendlier, more unique environment for shopping beyond any other retail experience. Why, you ask? Because you have fashion professionals and style experts at your fingertips. Any one of the Orchid Gals can assist you with your swimwear needs. Need to inquire about the right Maaji fit? You can speak directly with our Maaji buyer and resident in-house expert. Wondering when the latest Seafolly shipment is arriving? Chat with our Seafolly buyer for all the up-to-date info. Wondering why this blog is always delivering the wittiest and insightful material? Ask the source It’s that simple.

Every customer that visits our Miami showroom is given a one-on-one personalized shopping experience with one of our fashion stylists. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?




Our goal is to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible in this showroom environment, because it’s not a traditional retail store or “mall” shopping experience. You’ll be stepping into our corporate office, which has been transformed into a showroom. Basically you can shop from thousands of designs right from our headquarters. Our ENTIRE inventory of the best swimwear around, right at your disposal, many of those designers not available anywhere else! You can skip the online ordering hullabaloo and go straight to the source. No waiting for shipping. No stress of waiting to try it on. Everything happens during your visit. Voila.







Right next to the Adrienne Arsht Center, we are located inside the Atlantis University building (it’s tall with floor-to-ceiling dark windows). You can find parking on the street in the front or in the parking garage in the back. Head inside the building and make your way to the elevator. From there, take it up to the third floor. Orchid Boutique is in Suite 313 at the end of the hall. Be prepared to be amazed.

To set up an appointment in advance, simply send an email to customerservice@theorchidboutique.com or or call our toll free number (1-877-288-9564) with a list of the swimsuits you would like to try on. Let us know when you’ll be shopping by our showroom and we can have everything ready upon your arrival.

Otherwise, you can always just stop by to browse rows and racks of bikinis. Racks on racks on racks.




Upon arriving to our showroom……


Step One:

Pull styles from our inventory that you like. Scratch that……that you love.



Step Two:

Try on said styles.



Step Three:

Purchase the bikini(s) of your dreams in one fell swoop.



The coolest part is, you aren’t limited to only sexy swimwear. You also can peruse our entire catalog of accessories and resort wear. Why not purchase all of your Flash Tattoos directly from the source itself?



Come check us out at our Downtown Miami location and let us pick the perfect swimsuit for your style. There’s a reason why we are one of the top Miami Boutiques, let us show you why.

See you soon!


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