It’s official everyone, Orchid Boutique, your FAVORITE place to shop designer swimwear, now has a flagship store in Miami, Florida. That’s right. The swimwear capital of the world is our home, and we are proud to show you what we’ve done.

Since moving from our official South Beach location, we have set up shop in the beautiful Downtown Miami, right next to the Adrienne Arsht center. Not only is this the location of our beautiful and fashion forward showroom, but it also is home to our corporate office!

So you can shop and say hi to all your favorite Orchid Boutique gals at the same time.

south beach swimsuits

Why do customers love our showroom so much? Because it’s a unique shopping experience that is unparalleled in all of South Beach and Miami. Heck, maybe even the world!

Okay, okay, maybe not the world…..but we’re more than excited to bring you an authentic personalized shopping experience right in your own backyard.

We’ve had many customers stop in on their way to their cruise ship– The Port of Miami is only a mile or so away. We also are on the way from Miami International Airport to South Beach, so we have customers stopping in on their way to sunnier times.

south beach swimsuits

south beach swimsuits

And then you have the locals who are able to wear sexy swimwear all year round, which means they are constantly shopping for their ever-growing sexy swimsuit collection.

Even Miami New Times ranked us as one of the Top 5 Best Swimwear Boutique in Miami.

south beach swimsuits


Right next to the Adrienne Arsht Center, we are located inside the Atlantis University building (it’s tall with floor-to-ceiling dark windows). You can find parking on the street in the front or in the parking garage in the back. Head inside the building and make your way to the elevator. From there, take it up to the third floor. Orchid Boutique is in Suite 313 at the end of the hall. Be prepared to be amazed.

To make the Miami shopping experience even easier, feel free to email a list ahead of time of the swimsuits you would like to try on to Let us know when you’ll be shopping by our showroom and we can have everything ready upon your arrival.

Come check us out and let us pick the perfect swimsuit for your style.


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