After the amazing debut of the 2014 swimwear collections during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, my exhaustion levels have been at an all time high. I’ve realized that my pathetic self-massages are not going to cut it if I want to get back to my good old self again. Now that the madness is over, this is really the perfect time for me to find a spa package for Miami Spa Month! Every package is $90, and each hotel offers a variety of treatments you could choose from, like facials that will give you a collagen boost, or full body scrubs. The hotels I have my eye on offer a little something extra with your spa package purchase.

The Spa at Conrad Miami

The Conrad Hotel in Miami is located at the heart of Brickell and offers a modern attitude to relaxation. I have my eye on their Apricot and Raw Sugar cane pedicure.  It is a 50 minute pedicure that scrubs your feet like they’ve never been scrubbed before, leaving them smooth and smelling like apricots. Yum! The pedicure also involves a foot rub with fruity oils and warm stones that will wake up your tired feet from walking all weekend. My feet are definitely still mad at the abuse I put them through during swim week, so that massage is just what they need. To finish off the treatment, the lovely spa attendant will apply a polish to your face that will leave your skin looking bright and moisturized. The hotel is throwing in a complimentary cocktail for the experience – which is a deal you cannot ignore.

Elemis Spa at Loews Miami Beach Hotel

The Loews Hotel is one of my favorite spots to visit. There pool side area is very intimate and has a unique pool that is the perfect setting for showing off your new resort wear. The spa treatment that I have my eye on is the “Cheeks + Thighs” special. I have never heard of this before in my life, but basically active ingredients are applied to your buttocks and thighs, stimulating the muscle tissue and toning the skin. How awesome is that? After the application, they will also apply an algae and pine mask to the area. With this amazing concoction comes a complimentary ‘spa splurge’ of paraffin application on your hands and feet. If you have never gotten a paraffin treatment before, it’s amazing. Picture a very, very warm liquid that you dip your hands and feet into, multiple times. Then, the paraffin dries on your skin and is meant to stay on your skin for as long as desired. Once you remove it, your hands and feet are ridiculously soft. It’s a very relaxing experience. <3

Salus Spa at the JW Marriot

Salus Spa has a massage offer that really has me tempted. Their 60 minute massage will focus on the pressure points that relieve stress –right up my alley! It will relieve my sore muscles (because I work out so often…) and all of the tension I have from my busy work week. After the massage, you can choose between a warm scalp massage, or a natural glow spray tan. If you know me, you know I’ll be going for that spray tan, honey. But regardless of the spa package you decide on, the JW is also offering you free pool access during your visit, as well as a complimentary glass of wine. They are totally speaking my language.

Where are you heading for spa month in Miami?


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