Recently, scores of celebrities flocked to Miami Beach to celebrate Art Basel, an annual art exhibition that attracts an international and glamorous crowd. Everything is grandiose: the fashion, the parties, and of course, the art. And why wouldn’t celebrities want to partake in something so fabulous? Especially if it just happens to be located somewhere warm and sunny while many other locations are currently experiencing real winter (not Miami winter, where 60 degree nights leaves locals no choice but to dig into their closets for their coats and gloves). Padma Lakshmi certainly enjoyed the sunshine in her L*space fringe bikini. During Art Basel, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Below, the Top Chef host was spotted soaking up the sun in a gorgeous L*Space Swimwear fringe bikini in powder blue. Great choice, Padma! Fringe is still a huge swimwear trend that is raging right now. The bandeau bikini top is my personal preference in swimwear because you are left with sun-kissed shoulders without the tan lines!

If you like Padma’s look, you are in luck, because the L*Space Dolly suit is carried here at The Orchid Boutique (in several colors)! Above, next to Padma’s choice, we have our choice, in a darker shade of blue, the lovely Dolly Knotted Steel! Trust us, once you go fringe, you’ll never go back!


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