Perfect Bikini Combos for Every Style

Spring is almost here and everyone needs a new bikini to sport during their vacay. Whether you’re planning an over the top getaway or you’ll be chilling somewhere nice and warm, you are ready for some bikini shopping! I am a huge fan of prints and I love combining prints and solids but sometimes I feel like I need to try different brands. When looking for a fun brand, Maylana has a great selection of looks and colors at convenient prices. You’ll surely find something that fits your style and body type without sacrificing quality and comfort.


The Sassy Fashion Girl
If you’re into the whole fashionista theme and your crowd has high expectations for your wardrobe choices-you’ll love this print. The stripes print is young and versatile as it is reversible into navy, which means two for the price of one; talk about budget friendly! I love that the colors are bright and they mesh surprisingly well without being too scandalous. This beautiful print is ideal to combine with solid pieces of different colors; you don’t always have to stick to black or white. The tropical vibe of this print is perfect for a spring break getaway.


The Modern Basic Girl

For the more modern girls who like to think outside of the box and are trying to go beyond the classic prints, this cubic print will be your thing. It’s different and modern without looking too crazy, pair it up with nice solid and you’ve got yourself a great combo. Not that I’m against florals or anything, I love everything related to flowers but sometimes you just need to feel a little edgier and get yourself out of the rut. This Cubic print is nothing but boring, and is surprisingly flattering for many skin tones. Add an unconventional top or bottom to the mix and you’re ready for a good selfie!



Spring Time Romantic

Thinking of spring brings me so much joy I can’t even describe it. I know all of you guys out there going through the crazy snow season are probably desperate for a little warmth and some color in your life. Nothing reminds me more of the beauty of spring than colorful flowers, even if it’s just on a printed bikini. Since many of us are in need of some blooming florals in our life I’ve got you covered on this department. This print from Agua Bendita will uplift you and get you in the mood for some spring break fun. Cheers to the girls who love color!




Sophisticated Chic

No matter what, black will always be black, and by this I mean the oh- so-timeless and forever chic color of the bunch. Its effortless, it’s bold without being over the top and it never fails. It feels safe yet it’s never boring and always flattering. For the girls whose wardrobe is all black and color is unheard of, you’ll adore these pieces. Touche has created different styles and combinations but keeping one thing constant: all black. If you don’t want to risk it, black is the color of choice.


Ana Lopez

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