Pin-Up Swimwear, this week’s featured swim style, is in the popular crowd

Even if it’s a rarity, we all have a little pin-up girl inside us, a little “ooh la la” that comes out every so often. Case in point: the coveted pinup swimwear trend. What was made popular in the 1950s has been re-invented in the present (and re-popularized in swimwear), and much to our liking!

The classic pin-up swimsuit look, which originated with people “pinning up” photos of 50s’ calendar girls, can be both cute and sophisticated simultaneously while giving you the chance to show off your fashion sense. The style is mostly characterized by an underwire sweetheart shape up top and a less-revealing but still sexy look on the bottom. With a reinvigoration and a throwback to what Bettie Page made famous, swimwear designers all over are paying tribute to this vintage-inspired trend.



Perhaps one of the more retro friendly designers, Verde Limón Swimwear is almost all in this style. It's easy to see it in this combo of Yellow stripes. The Malibu Top and Banes Bottom illustrate perfectly what pin-up stands for.



Another option is Maylana’s sexier but more modern, tropical pin-up swimsuit; the Ella Ipanema one piece. Inspired by colorful flowers and exotic fauna, Maylana Swimwear's suit is the perfect blend of the retro pin-up feel with a 21st-century style and design.



Aquamanile does not stay behind with Botanic High Waisted Bottom, a carefully designed piece that includes delicate guipure and a slightly hidden mesh detail. The combined textures of the fabrics in this piece and the nostalgia it evokes make it a must-have for all the pin-up fashionistas out there.

The compatibility that exists between darling and sassy makes the pin-up trend the perfect choice for this week’s featured swim style. If only we had a locker to hang up and swoon over pictures of pin-up swimwear!

Ethel Gomez

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