Audrey of Mom GenerationsEvery mom wants to be Super-Mom: home-cooked dinner around the table every night, a spick-and-span house all the time, kids confidently chauffeured to enriching activities… and of course, Super-Mom looks fabulous while doing it all! But let’s face it: Super-Mom isn’t real. But we all try to be our best anyway, and hopefully we find a way to slip back into our pre-baby swimsuit once again. Audrey from Mom Generations might just be the closest woman we know to a real-life Super-Mom, so we set up an interview with her to get the inside scoop on how she does it!

SwimCouture: How do you find time to remain fashionable in spite of being a mom?

Audrey: It’s not always easy. I have always loved fashion. Even as a little girl, I remember I bought my first Vogue when I was in the 4th or 5th grade and just dissected every single page. When Sex And The City came out, I just remember being in awe of their clothing… and I knew I needed to move to NYC. The “fashion capital” of the world. I worked in fashion for 6 years, loving every second. When I became pregnant with my first son I had the most fun dressing up in different maternity fashions. It was a dream come true. And then… after William was born, I just sort of “lost” my fashion sense. I was so wrapped up in being a mom that I completely was just about William. And then I got pregnant again. And again. And then again. By the time I was pregnant with my 4th I thought… if I’m losing my fashion way, then other moms must be too.

That was when I started my 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms. You know, I think the only way I find the time is by trying and by putting myself a little higher on the priority list. It’s funny, I used to look at photos of us at family functions from a couple of years ago and the boys were all dressed beautifully… and I was just in jeans and a sweater. Not “who I was.” I put the shift into caring and made sure I found the time. It’s amazing how good we get with time management when we become a mom. Fifteen minutes to me as a mom… I can get makeup and hair done pronto!

SwimCouture: How old are your kids?

Audrey: William is 5. Alexander is 4. Benjamin is 2 1/2. Henry is 16 months.

SwimCouture: Were you a bikini person before children, or did you prefer a one-piece suit?

Audrey: I love this.. I was a total bikini!

SwimCouture: Did your swimsuit preference change after having kids?

Audrey: OMG, yes! The first 3 summers after becoming a mom I was like – “Don’t they make swimsuit tents!?”

SwimCouture: Briefly tell us your experience with getting back to your pre-baby body. How long did it take you? Did your cup size go back to its original size? Did anything else change for good?

Audrey: This was a little different for me. I literally had 4 babies in 5 years. My first 2 sons were planned to a “T,” so I wasn’t really caring or thinking about getting back to my “old” body. After Alexander was born (my 2nd son) I started running and eating healthy again. Then I found out I was pregnant in Jan 2006. Alexander was 4 months. I miscarried that baby, and then… I just wanted to get pregnant. I got pregnant with Benjamin 7 months later. After having Henry (my 4th) I knew it was time to get back into shape.

It took me about 6 months. I walked and ran. I have to admit, my boobs never got any bigger with any of my pregnancies! Bummer, right? It was the strangest thing, I kept thinking I would get bigger boobs… and they stayed the same. Everything else got bigger! My hips definitely changed. I still can’t get myself into some of my old jeans. I’m the same weight, but my body just sort of shifted around.

SwimCouture: What did you do to lose the post-baby pounds?

Audrey: I actually committed to running a 5K last Thanksgiving. I knew if I signed up for something that I would do it – the accountability factor into play. I knew I needed to have a goal. I didn’t want it to be a number on the scale. I wanted it to be something exercise related that I could do with other people. So my husband and I signed up for a Turkey Trot last year and it was amazing. I was able to run the 3.1 miles. I felt good. I felt like I really accomplished something.

Also, I really just started getting the kids moving outside. If I wanted to be active, they needed to be active. We would walk around the neighborhood. Go to the park and run around. And then I got myself into a routine at our local YMCA. Getting back into shape was important to be because I knew it made me feel the most healthy… and I need and want to be healthy for these 4 little boys. Not to mention, my husband went on a weightloss journey last year and lost over 65 pounds… so our eating habits have changed. Lots more cooking at home, not eating out!

Lipstick Sophisticate Halter BikiniSwimCouture: If you won tickets to an island vacation for your entire family and a voucher to buy a new swimsuit, what you would chose?

Audrey: Aww… OK. I would buy a halter top style bikini top with a low rise bottom.
I have always wanted a classic red bikini….

Many thanks to Audrey for taking our interview questions! When it comes to that classic red bikini she wants, we can’t help but think of the new Lipstick Red Sophisticate Bikini from Badgley Mischka Swimwear 2010. What do you think – is this the swimsuit for Audrey?


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