Post-Preggo Beach Time!

Got those post baby blues? Love your little bundle of joy but looking to get some Vitamin D in your body for an extra pick-me-up? We know bikini season is… not a time you want to think about yet. I mean… Only Kristin Cavallari can go from BUMP to BEAUD in a matter of seconds!

Or remember Heidi Klum two years ago? Super-human!

I digress. So! Since we can’t all jump into the skin-tight leather dress in the back of our closet or dive into the waves without… looking like… we… belong there? Ouch.. Too soon? Look at your cute baby and forget I said that.

Starting over If you’re in need of some sun, just dreading that bikini, Orchid Boutique Stylists have just the swimsuits to help you out! And, (best part) you won’t have to sacrifice being sexy, just to hide left-over baby weight or unwanted scarring that hasn’t healed yet

Almost all of our brands are embracing the modest look, but all in different ways. So you’ve got plenty of choices on how you’d like to cover up! Which way will you be most interested in?

While we do have many one-pieces that are beyond gorgeous, not everyone fits into that fold. Some skin is definitely needed!

Here are some options to combat the stereotype of one-pieces:

1) MONOKINIS (mon-o-keen-ie) nouna not-so-distant cousin of the classic “one-piece,” also closely related to the bikini. Basically, a one-piece with cut-outs to show off a little more skin, while still a little less skin than the typical itsy bitsy bikini.

Two great options: Farrah Gold Monokini by Vitamin A (above) & Vintage Monokini by Paradizia (below)!

2) TANKINIS (tan-keen-ie) nouna bikini with more coverage of the belly, coming from the top. The top of a tankini extends longer than the typical bikini top, moving more into the realm of a tank-top.

Two great options: A Beautiful Mind Tankini by Maui (first image above, second) & Dancing Mesh by Maaji (below)!

3) HIGH-WAISTED BIKINIS (hi | way-st-ed | bee-keen-ie ) noun– a bikini with more coverage of the belly, coming from the bottom.  The bottom extends longer than they typical bikini bottom, into the upper waist.

Two great options: Bronze High-Waisted by Orchid Label (first image above, last) & Olas High-Waisted by Luli Fama (below)!

So get out of that funk and into the sun Bring baby along for a day of sand castles and fun… but don’t forget the SPF! And a gorgeous suit


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