I am happy to personally introduce one of our newest brands, AguaClara, to you. This collection is perfect for the nature lover. It’s full of animal print bikinis, precious stones and gems, and earth-inspired shades. The price is also unbeatable for the quality, something that a budget fashionista like me is always taking into consideration.

I’ve never owned a monokini, or an animal print swimsuit, but the Isla Bella Monokini has converted me. It’s definitely not that I was never a fan of those types of styles; I just never found one that grabbed my attention long enough. It’s similar to my problem with Miami boys, but that’s another blog for another day. The first thing that got me going about this swimsuit is the respect they gave to zebra print. People are all about designing with leopard print, and don’t get me wrong it’s HOT, but where’s the zebra print love? Their stripes and colors are beautiful, and the print just represents the jungle in a wild way. The monokini continues it’s nature-inspired ways with precious blue and white sequins that outline the deep plunging neckline. Sigh. I love this one.

Whenever you are planning a beach day, your swimsuit cover up choice is almost as important as remembering your cooler. From AguaClara’s new collection, I chose the Rose White Cover Up. Other than the pure white shade of the tunic, I also love the fabric. They brilliantly designed the dress with polyester and spandex so when it gets wet it dries at fast as your swimsuit. This cover up’s plunging neckline is also decorated in silver gems to give it a luxurious feel.


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