Hey there fashionistas! So, we are obsessed with the show Project Runway and we were pumped that last night’s episode was all about beachwear. We were totally looking forward to some fabulous little swimsuits and cover-up dresses. And though it was still a great episode (Tim Gunn in sandals? We die!), we weren’t totally blown away with the fashion.

Firstly, what was up with that lace jumpsuit miniskirt thing? Yikes. Admittedly, this team was responsible for one of the things we loved. The macramé top on their other outfit was gorgeous. The pants ruined the look, but if they had just made that macramé as a whole monokini, we would’ve worn it in a heartbeat!

Here are the top two looks from last night’s episode. They are beautiful and we adore both, but we kind of wanted some swimwear (what can we say, it’s our thing). Supposedly some of the designers made bikinis but covered them up with the outfits. Oh well, I guess we’ll “make it work”.


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