Mondays can be stressful. Waking up early after a relaxing weekend is not only a struggle, but finding the energy to do you hair and makeup always seems to be a hassle. This is why I’ve come up with the “Monday Bunday”, a quick and hassle free way to create a chic Monday look with little effort. A girls hair is her best fashion accessory, so the next time you’re in a morning rush and can’t seem to tame the mane, we have some fast solutions to get you out the door in a heartbeat while still looking fashionably fresh.

Low Bun/Pony

This up-do is probably the sleekest and chicest look to pull off! Secure the ponytail at the nape of your neck and then let it trail down, or knot it at the end. You can do a side part or a middle part, whatever you like.  Add some bright lipstick and  you have a glamorous look that can be worn day to night.

Side ‘Do

First things first, follow your natural hair part. This will help keep your up-do together longer because your hair naturally falls that way. Curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron and gather it into a low side ponytail with the front piece left out. Pin the curls around the ponytail and use a texturizing cream for added wave at the front of your face. Then, pin the piece back into the ponytail using bobby pins to create wave and volume.

Basic Ballerina Bun

One of the simplest and most durable buns, the ballet, or ballerina, is sure to stay in place all night long. Pile your hair into a high ponytail and wrap it around a thick elastic for a bun that will take you all the way to the next day. Top off with a long-lasting hairspray, secure any stray hairs with bobby pins and you’re set.

Slicked Back

Go for a chic and easy pulled-back look. Using decent hair gel is important for this updo to prevent any fly away hairs. However, don’t over do it, nobody wants the stiff, too-much-product look, (cough, DJ Pauly D, cough). Leave hair in a tousled pony in the back or in a gathered bun and voila. Run out the door at your leisure.


The easiest fix for the laziest of days – the simple addition of a headband or barrette to set your style in place. Sometimes an understated headscarf or a modest clip can be just what you need to style it up and keep it cute.

Dressed Up Pony

This ponytail doesn’t have to be picture-perfect, and in fact, the messier, the better!  Pull your hair up and back, hold in place with an elastic. Let the tendrils along the side of your face hang out at each side. It should wisp out delicately, and not look forced.

Hope these help to ease your curl concerns. Drop us a comment below if you have any other tricks of the hair trade.


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