Rachel Zoe Loves Our Stuff!

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Zoe. I actually feel like we are uber skinny sisters from another mother. I’m definitely one of her intense fans who is still mad at Taylor for acting shady when she left the company. I also refuse to watch Brad Goreski’s show. And that’s big coming from a girl who only watches Bravo! I’m loyal to Rachel as if we were on a first name basis with each other in real life. How could I not be? The woman has the keenest eye for fashion since Coco Chanel herself, her husband is hilarious and handsome, she says ‘bananas’ more than I eat them, she allowed chocolate to be poured on her during her cameo in Gossip Girl, and her baby boy has a sweeter wardrobe than I do.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw one of Rachel’s Beach Bag essentials in Coastal Living’ s February issue was the Ariel Charcoal Bandeau by L*Space. I’m not totally surprised – it’s one of the brand’s cutest, solid-color silhouettes that isn’t a fringe bikini. This bandeau top is perfect for Rachel because it gives an extra lift that we small-chested ladies need. The charcoal color also compliments her blonde hair and signature red lips. Well done, baby girl.


Snag Rachel Zoe’s bandeau bikini look with the Ariel Estella Santorini. Fun fact: the bottom fully reverses to charcoal for a two-in-one bargain. Oh yeah.


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