I recently stopped by our super chic store in SOBE on an extra hot day. Normally, hot days on the beach are slow because people choose life over death from dehydration. As the sales associate and I lamented over the store’s lonely status, a woman walked in and said, “Oh my God, I’m so glad I’m here!” Alarmed by the sudden excitement, we both turned to the door and found the one and only Teresa Guidice, original Real Housewife of New Jersey. If you are a Bravo girl, you can imagine the looks we gave to each other. Just picture wide eyes and creepy smiles.

She was dressed very Miami chic, wearing a pair of white skinny jeans and a yellow flowy top. She wore her hair in the typical housewife beach waves that they will all be rocking until the franchise dies. (Which means she’ll be wearing them always because Bravo will never take my housewives away from me!) She walked in with her eye on the swimsuit prize and was going through the store like a Teresa hurricane. I have to say I wish more customers were like her. She was very open to our suggestions and either liked them, or didn’t. I like a girl that knows what she wants!

Now for the fun part: Teresa’s swimsuit picks! She branched out from one pieces and two pieces, another thing I loved about shopping with her. Her first favorites were the Disco Diva Monokini and the Mandala Monokini by Paradizia. I know these styles are going to look great on her because they will accentuate all of her Italian goodies. Her favorite feature on the Disco Diva was the braided details along the edges that comes in the prettiest pink and gold shade.

She then went on a rampage for the classic black bikini and settled on two: the Silver Stud Cluster by Malai Swimwear and the Dolly Estella Black by L*Space Swimwear. Just a friendly reminder, Tre, Malai Swimwear is exclusively ours. The chance of catching a certain sistah-in-law wearing it is slim to none.


The Dolly Estella Black wasn’t her only L*Space option. She also loved the mint shade of the Hunter Sea Monique. The color combinations on this bikini with her hair and eye color are going to look so beautiful. Send us a pic in this one, Tre.

A smart beach fashionista knows she can’t stop at just bikinis, but she needs accessories too. Teresa and I seem to both be Lolindo lovers because she stuck with beaded jewelry. She picked up the Red Earrings and the Wings Necklace to complete her shopping spree.

Fun moment of gossip: Teresa brought up her prized first born, Gia, saying that she “had a great ass.” Haha – the women literally admitted to wanting Gia to wear a thong bikini to the beach when she turns 20. I never got the memo about 20 being the rightful age to let it all out, but hey, I’m not Italian.

I had a great time shopping with Teresa. Is she your favorite Jersey Housewife?!


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