Red Carpet Trend: Winter White

Don’t wear white after Labor Day?? Forget it! One of the hottest trends making its way onto the Red Carpet is creating the newest way to wear White! Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have all been spotted on the red carpet giving new life to this classically chic color.

To the naked eye dawning this simple color might not sound like an exciting trend, but what I am noticing are the subtle details that fashion forward celebrities are bringing to their looks. Eva Longoria was seen wearing an all white mini with an all over crochet detail and dramatic fringe shoulders. These simple touches add the perfect amount of spark to make this LWD (Little White Dress) a knock out.

Similarly, Naomi Watts gave new meaning to the word “texture” when she wore a mid-length dress with super elaborate sleeves and an all over silk embossed printing. Her spin on trying to update her solid look was definitely a step in the right direction.

My favorite LWD update is adding a pop of embellishment! Mrs. Im-so-jealous-of-your-man Tatum looked stunning in her all white dress that had full length embellishment running down her sides. This sparkly detail gives the dress a whole new attitude. Not only do I want to steal her man but now I want to take her dress, too.

So now for the fun part. How can we translate this red carpet trend onto the beach scene? Lucky for you I have already hand picked a bunch of styles that I think would look perfect for this winter-white trend.

Want to add some texture to your look? You can try our White Shutter Bikini or our White Adia two piece (in order of appearance). All of these looks have textured tops that highlight your bust and add flare to your swim suit. The ruffle and fringe details are the perfect touch for the beach.

Add a pop of color with our  Feels So Right Bikini (last). This suit has a subtle embellished detail that gives a sexy jolt of attention to your look.

Spending the cold season looking great on the beach gives a new meaning to the phrase Winter Wonderland. <3

For more white swimsuit options, check out the White Swimwear page on our site.


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