Rumor has it Reese Witherspoon walked down the aisle last weekend with her new beau, entertainment agent Jim Toth. How could a Hollywood wedding have taken place without the paparazzi knowing about it? Well, Ms Witherspoon has always been a low-key kind of gal. She makes put-together look chic by adding some key accessories to a dressed down, lax outfit. This time, the Oscar winning actress shares with us her style secret: using the “in” color teal as the main accent.

Let’s face it, the great thing about teal is that just like purple, it’s versatile and looks great on any skin tone. From the palest blonde to the darkest brunette, a teal accent or outfit can make a gal shine. We are in love with this color and the subtle versatility it shines with. One of our favorite designer swimwear brands, L*Space Swimwear, has debuted a brand new High Summer collection that embodies this trend.

Get the Swimsuit look: Cleopatra Halter in Teal

The Cleopatra Halter bikini features a solid teal fabric accented with gold textured hardware in both top and bottom. This delicious combination features rings that can slide up or down and can convert a standard triangle top into a roomier halter style at your command! The gold hardware accents are also featured in the swimsuit bottoms where they serve as decorative and chic embellishments. As a matter of fact, the reinvention of this silhouette for the High Summer collection was well-thought out since a Coral version of this L*Space suit was featured in Sports Illlustrated Swimsuit edition this February.

Reese, we can totally see you smiling when no one’s looking about your upcoming plans! When it comes to style though, don’t hide it from us! Flaunt your teal and trendy things, we love to comment about them.


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