Bendito Chantilly by Agua Bendita

In the past decade “going green,” that is – becoming more environmentally friendly-  has been at the forefront of many celebrity endorsed media campaigns and many citizens’ minds and actions. Here at the Orchid Boutique, we believe a great way to express oneself is through fashionable swimwear. Now you might think the only way to express “going green” is by wearing a green swimsuit. While we love solid colored swimsuits, an even better way to show off your environmentally friendly side is by wearing the Bendito Chantilly by Agua Bendita Swimwear.

The Bendito Chantilly is perfect because it incorporates many different elements of nature. The triangle top features crochet frog, butterfly, cherry, and flower appliqués. The fabric underneath the appliqués features both an animal print and floral design, allowing you to show your compassion for mother earth and all her creatures. The moderate coverage bottom also features crochet frog and flower appliqués with a floral and animal print base fabric.

Bendito Chantilly by Agua Bendita

This suit is perfect for any environmental fashionista because this hand-stitched suit provides style and trendiness, and is a great conversation starter allowing you to share your eco-friendly platform and reveal your love for our planet.


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