You know those people that are so hot they make your eyes burn? That’s what Rihanna is to us. Girlfriend’s sassy, cute, and super hot in a bathing suit. We love that she is able to change her hair from razor cut, to blonde, to jet black and still work it. She pushes the boundaries of right and wrong sometimes, but we love her style. In her latest beach getaway, Riri shows us a teal bikini that we adore, and here’s why.

It’s teal – duh. We’ve mentioned in previous posts of our adoration for this color, which is lately trending in the fashion industry. We love the color mainly because it flatters all sorts of skin types. From fair to dark, teal brings out a glow in a gal like no other color, in our opinion, can. It’s not-green-not-blue flair has a kind of je ne sais quoi thing going on.

It’s embellished – A gold hardware embellishment is an amazing way to spruce up a solid swimsuit. Perhaps heavy beading is not ideal for casual use, but some hardware embellishment is always chic (see our recommendation below for a toned-down version of this suit).

It has a moderate coverage rear – We can tell from the pic that her rear features a moderate coverage bottom. This means it’s essentially a type of bottom for the fashionable everyday girl, featuring a not-too-much-yet-not-too-little approach. It’s a cheeky bottom.

Recommended to mirror her look:

If you’re looking for a similar style but want to steer away from being overly flashy, try the Cleopatra Halter Bikini by L*Space Swimwear. It’s sexy color, much like Rihanna’s, makes you pop with any skin color. It also features hardware detailing (textured like a coin) that can slide up or down, allowing the wearer to adjust their coverage preference.

Keep pushing the envelope, Riri. We love your look (and ever-changing hair style).


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