Rihanna’s Into What?!!

Rihanna is always pushing the limits when it comes to music and fashion. For this month’s issue of Vogue magazine she was once again letting it all come out in a racy bondage style leotard. With her new song S&M out on the radio airwaves now, it makes you wonder what she’s really into when no one is watching. Talk about TMI! We really are team Rihanna and we love her tough girl attitude. So, how can you pull off this bad girl look in a designer swimsuit? Consider a new two-piece by L*Space Swimwear. It is not as bondage looking as the one RiRi is wearing, but it could definitely bring out that confident tough girl in you.

Chloe Orange Wrap Bikini

The Chloe Orange Wrap Bikini is our pick to pull off Rihanna’s look. It’s bright and sexy, perfect for a day at the beach or pool. This orange two-piece features shoulder straps instead of straps that tie around the neck. The front of the top crisscrosses around the chest and wraps around to the back where it is tied. The bottom of the suit is also a string bottom that ties at either side. The bottom provides moderate coverage at the rear, keeping those cheeks from hanging all out. This two-piece swimsuit that may definitely bring out your inner wild child.

RiRi, we love your S&M single. However, next time you decide to write about your personal preferences in the bedroom maybe you can keep it a little more PG?


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