Running is intense. More intense than sifting through the pages of our 2014 PilyQ collection and actually making a decision on which sexy swimsuit you want. It can be tough on your body as well as your mind. Some people won’t even attempt running as a form of exercise because they already mentally convince themselves they can’t do it.

Well we’re here to convince you otherwise.

Running is a fantastic way to get into shape, especially with sexy swimwear season right around the corner. But beyond increasing your athletic prowess, running is also a great way to reduce the risk of heart disease as well as other potentially looming health deterrents. So stick with us while we run you through these top tips *buh dum chh*.

Get ‘Fit’ted

The beauty of becoming a runner is that it is a very inexpensive hobby, compared to, let’s say, sailing. Just grab an old t-shirt, pair of shorts and sneakers and you’re set. However, we do suggest investing in the right pair of sneakers, preferably ones that are tailored to fit your feet. If you pay a visit to your local independent running store, the staff should analyze quite a few things in order to get you the correct kicks. They can determine if you overpronate, underpronate, or have a neutral foot pattern. Don’t skimp on the shoe! It may help you avoid injury down the road.

Cross Training (Sprinting)

Cross training is so important for a runner in order to keep their body in balance. Besides running and jogging switch it up with sprinting, or incorporate a light weight-training regimen. Build up those muscles you need for strength and endurance runs and don’t let your body or your fitness plateau. This also allows you to add variety to your exercise routine so that you don’t get bored and prefer napping or visiting the nearest Chinese buffet.

Push Through the Doubt

Buddha once said, “There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt.” It is so easy to talk yourself out of a run, or worse talk yourself out of exercise period. It’s even easier to make excuses! Too tired, too drained, too grumpy, too hungry. Those are all excuses, and we want to tell you to push through that! When your mind is telling you to stay in, go put on your sports bra and your sneakers and knock out that quick 20 minute run. Don’t let the doubt deter your from what you KNOW will make you feel better about yourself later on.

Group It Up

Sometimes running alone can be lonely. Hitting the pavement solo all the time might deter you from ever running again.  We suggest finding a running buddy or a group! Pair it up and find friends who are just as into fitness as you are. Push each other to run harder, faster, and further than you ever have. Running groups are everywhere nowadays, and are a great way to incorporate socializing and exercise in one swoop.

Let Your Body Recover

Recovery time is so, so important for your body, we can’t stress it enough. Make sure you fit a few days of rest into your schedule so that you don’t strain your body beyond repair. Give your body time to recuperate and your muscles time to repair so that when your next run comes, you’re at full strength. Also remember to DRINK WATER. Hydration is so important to restore your muscles to prime capacity.

Formulate a Plan

Some people run just to run; others run because they’re training for something. Regardless of which you choose, try to formulate a plan into your exercise schedule. This way you can note your progress as a runner. Focus on time rather than distance so that you can improve your stride. Humans are naturally goal-oriented and when you set goals and plans for your run, you’ll be able to feel more accomplished when you complete them.  This also lessens your chance of quitting!

We hope these tips helped, and feel free to share some of your own running tips with us below.



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