Marilyn Monroe’s legacy is alive and well based on the revived trend inspiring fashion publications this year: pinup. Grey’ Anatomy star Sara Ramirez posed for the cover of Latina Magazine in her undies and we happen to think she looks amazing. This look is very relatable to designer swimwear fashion, and we happen to applaud women who pay tribute to the pinup swimwear trend by donning the two features that make it so vintage:

– Underwire top

The great thing about an underwire swimsuit is that it’s almost a shoe-in style for the pinup flair. There’s something so about the push-up feature that was revolutionary during the 50s era, and therefore became a staple for the featured models in the two-page spread that men “pinned up” in their lockers. Apart from it’s vintage flair, this top usually comes with built-in cups that help to accentuate the breasts and provide a good amount of support.

– High waisted bottoms

Get the look: Black Joan Bikini by Despi

A high-waisted bikini was a thing of the past for the last two decades, UNTIL it became the new “it” thing a couple of years ago. Stars like Blake Lively and Kim Cattral (in the first Sex-n-theCity Movie) both flaunted this 50s trend, and all fashion mags from Vogue to Elle have applauded current designers recreating this look. We’ve talked about this bottom in previous blogs as of lately due to its relevance in the industry.

Not only is this bottom style perfect for fuller body types, but also for new mommies who’d like to conceal some excess flab. Just like a monokini swimsuit, a high waisted bottom helps to hide minor imperfections while still looking sexy, and that’s why heart it.


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