Save the world, and look good doing it! That’s my motto And that’s just what Maaji Swimwear is helping us do! For every swimsuit purchased from their current collections, Maaji will plant a tree on your behalf. Simply stated, you buy the most comfortable, flattering, whimsical bikini you’d ever imagine, and a new tree is born!

Maaji’s formed “Planting an Ocean of Trees” to give back to the endless source of inspiration for their swimsuit designs. With our help, they have successfully planted over 50 thousand trees. These trees promote an immense number of positive effects for our environment, which contribute to the balance of ecosystem diversity. So keep them coming! You can never do enough good (or have enough swimsuits )





It’s little acts of kindness that make the world go round. Add in the most amazing little bikini you’ve ever seen and there you have it ladies & gentlecats, the trendiest way to save our Earth.




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