When your body is perpetually cold, like mine, wearing a scarf is crucial to your health and well-being. Yet, the great news is once autumn rolls around I also become super fashionable! No more side glances from fellow Miamians for shivering like an Eskimo after spending too much time in the AC. Scarves are extremely versatile, from a swimsuit cover up to pairing with your favorite leather jacket. From personal experience tying a scarf isn’t as easy as it looks. Just wrapping the thing around repeatedly makes you look like you’re trying to keep your head attached to your neck (my apologies to any fashionista  zombies who read this blog, keeping using that scarf the way you need). Here are a few ways to wear your scarf and wear it well.

Beachwear – Wearing a scarf as a piece of resort wear is just plain genius. If you have a bigger sized scarf, simply unfold and wrap around any bathing suit for a functional frock. Let it act as a cover up, even in the sheerest form. We’re sure you have some sexy swimwear underneath worth staring at anyway.

Infinity – These are probably the easiest scarves to style. Because they are connected infinitely (see how that works?). You don’t need to do much in terms of setting up the style. Just wrap and rock.  You can double loop around your neck for a tighter look, or simply let it fall free.

Headband – For a 60’s retro or a throwback style, wearing a scarf as a headband works in a multitude of ways. Wear it closer to the forehead for a more Bohemian look, or tied back closer to the crown of your head holding your hair in place. Let the sides drape down, or tuck inside the scarf in the back to complete the look. Take the tip from Nicole Richie, she can rock the heck out of the headband scarf style.

Bundled – Now, I’m no scarf expert, and in fact just writing the word over and over makes me question its purpose in our vocabulary, yet this is probably the most popular way to wear a scarf. Practically effortless, the trick to this bundled beauty is to twist it, loosely in your hands. Then gently wind the scarf around your neck a few times and tuck the corners in so no pieces are hanging. Tug in the middle to relax.

Belt it Up – Let’s switch it up and bit and bring the scarf down your body, focusing on your waist. Belting up a scarf around a dress, or longer shirt, makes the scarf a versatile accessory for any occasion. Tie it to the side and let it hang, ultimately slimming your sides and bringing a stylish sense to the season.

Accessorize – Wrist, ankle, boot, you name it, you can do it. Using a thinner silk scarf to adorn different areas of your body will add creativity to any wardrobe. Tie it around your wrist as a bracelet inspired look, or around your ankle to add some pizzazz to your outfit.

Bow tie – This style is exactly as it sounds and you can do this with scarves of various fabrications and lengths. It can be used with a silk scarf paired with a blazer or pants suit, or in knitted form with any seasonal styles. It’s quite simple to do, like wrapping a gift. Try using the “bunny ears” method. After pulling on the “ears” tightly, adjust the bow to the size you want.

Beach Hair – wearing scarves to the beach are fashionable and functional. You can tie back your salty locks with a silk scarf in place of a hair tie, or rock the scarf from back to front, tying a knot on the top portion of your head. Either way, you hold back those wandering wisps that seem to catch any beach breeze.

Have more ways to rock the scarf? Indulge us below

Ana Lopez

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