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Serefina Jewelry

There is something about accessories, especially beach accessories, that we just can’t get enough of. We’ve all had that feeling, when you have an amazing outfit but just can’t quite pull it together. You need that finishing touch, that extra pizzazz. Then BAM. You pick up that gorgeous necklace or the trendy earrings and just like that, you feel like gold.

Serefina Jewelry is that brand that can pull any outfit into star status.  Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Serefina is a company bridging hand-made art with modern sensibility. Inspired by arts and crafts of South East Asia, they launched their very first collection of whimsical accessories in August 2010. Serefina uses beautiful natural feathers of all shades and combines it with unique vintage chains and findings from the 60s and 70s. We make ornate hand-woven bracelets and earrings with their family in Thailand using natural materials like waxed-linen cords, fresh water pearls, turquoise and quartz.

Check out some of our favorites pieces from their 2014 collection.



Golden Stingray & Charcoal Stingray Necklace

This is the perfect accessory for any occasion, not just for the beach. Featuring a 14k gold plated detail, this long chain necklace has a stingray pattern-like shape, hence the appropriate name of the piece. This accessory comes in two different colors, gold or charcoal for a darker look.


Vintage Waves Chain Necklace

Is there any question why this necklace has the title it does? A perfect beach accessory to rock at any resort or sand to street outfit. The gold design of the necklace replicates waves with a wavy undulating pattern. This hand-crafted gem also features a long chain, so gear up your resort wear because this necklace is ready to shine.


Fabric Chain Statement Necklace

As it’s name denotes, this necklace has fabric details along the chain in yellows and blues which compliment the blue bib at the bottom. The reason we are in love with this piece is because when you purchase a piece of jewelry you want all of those intricate details to pop and wow. That is why Serefina jewelry has the class and style that it does, while also boasting hand-made features.




Indigo & Taupe Fabric Bangle

Running along with this hand-crafted fabric trend, these bracelets combine the luxury of gold plating with the stylish fabric detail and shape it into an awesome bangle. Like we’ve mentioned before, tribal prints and ethnic patterns are all the rage in 2014, so rock these bracelets and by wonderfully style saavy.


Turquoise, Yellow, & Neon Wrap Bracelets 

Change up your colors with these three beauties. The wrap bracelets from Serefina feature both fabric and hand-beaded designs throughout to give the piece a more boho chic feel. We fully support when your accessories pop with color and bring your outfit to life, and these bracelets will certainly add that to any resortwear look.




Bone Spike Earrings

These earrings can easily be described with one word: fierce. Touch up any outfit with this rocking piece of ear decor.


Pyrite Dagger Studs

While the bracelets take a more laid back approach, the Serefina earrings really make a statement. These dagger studs feature gold plating detail with bits of pyrite, an iron mineral that is rumored to have crystal healing properties.

Serefina’s mission is to bring exquisite quality and warmth to hand-made accessories to fit an everyday life of a modern woman. From what we can tell so far, their mission has officially been accomplished. Which Serefina piece are you most excited to buy?


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