Sexy Swimsuits Unite: What’s Your Vacation Personality?

With Labor Day upon us this weekend, we decided to take it back to the beach again for a quick personality test. Don’t pack away your sexy swimsuits just yet. Maybe this test will inspire you to book a trip pronto and live out your dreams. Is your vacation personality being stifled by your everyday life? Well, it’s time to change.  Follow the path to your ultimate vacation destination and enjoy!

A. You’re ready for an adventure. Vacation to you isn’t lounging by the beach, but instead you want to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline UP. Extreme sports to paddle boarding or volcano exploration, you’re in to win. That’s probably why you can rock the heck out of racerback bikinis, because as a girl-on-the-go, you need that extra support!

B. You love exploring new cities and being immersed in culture. Each city you travel to brings a sense of adventure just by walking new streets and sidewalks. Vacation doesn’t need to involve palm trees or tropical drinks. A vacation to you is stepping outside of your normal every-day life and swimming in a new city. Sounds perfect for a new pair of Kaanas espadrilles to lead the way.

C. Nightlife is your calling. You can make the transition from the beach to the streets with such ease. You like to spend your days in the sunshine, but it’s the nightlife that keeps calling your name. Sleep isn’t much of an issue for you, because that is what the daytime is for. To rest and recoup, because where you travel, the nightlife is poppin’ until hours, and you my dear, are ready to dance. For you, that transition to resort wear is a perfect ballet of style.

D. A vacation to you would be anything outdoors. You’re one with nature and you want to breathe in as much clean air and listen to as many birds call as possible. Whether it’s hiking in a new mountain range, or camping along the banks of a river, you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, but ultimately it’s connecting with your natural surroundings that excites you the most.

E. You’re a combination of adventure and culture. You want to climb the ruins of Machu Picchu and break a sweat, but you also want to take those mandatory photos atop the mountain peaks. When the outdoors are combined with a foreign city, you swoon.

F. Europe. You’re all about it. You’re ready to rock in those cities that you’ve only seen in magazines and in movies. You’re the hopeless romantic who wants to climb the Eiffel Tower and take a picture in front of Big Ben. Backpacking or not, you want to explore the history of a foreign city and make memories that will last a lifetime.

G. Relaxing somewhere exotic is your idea of a good time. Whether it’s in Brazil or Costa Rica, you want a bit of the jungle combined with some culture, and throw in a waterfall or hot spring while you’re at it. You like being mixed with different people, as well as hitting some of those touristy spots for the ultimate photo experience. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to wear your brazilian bikini, no?

Ana Lopez

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