Have you ever wondered what your shoes say about you? Better yet, have you ever met a complete stranger, and graded the style and care of their shoes? If your answer is no, I’m going to say you are….pause for reaction… lying! In general, shoes are critical to our everyday life even if you don’t realize it. Hint, see photo above. Looking past the fact that shoes are one of the best fashion accessories out there, they can also tell a lot about your personality.

But did you know that people could correctly guess a stranger’s age, gender and income by looking at their shoes? Makes sense, right? But did you also know researchers have found that people could correctly evaluate another person’s level of attachment in a relationship, based solely on their shoe choice?! Crazy.

So lets talk shoe silhouette ….

Ankle Boots: Boots and Fall go together like Willamette French Brie and Pinot Noir (try it, you’re welcome). With this Fall fashion season kicking into high gear, it’s time to break out the boots. But, be very careful with what you choose. Ankle boots have been found to fit more with aggressive personalities. So unless your date insists on robbing a bank, try a boot with a higher cut.

Running Shoes: If you aren’t heading to or coming from the gym, visiting Egypt, or are a nurse, please do not wear running shoes. Especially with jeans! Despite the fact they are comfortable and show your personality to be practical and agreeable, we can suggest other alternatives so that you don’t have to throw fashion completely out the window.

Well-kept Heels: They may be uncomfortable at times, but damn you look good. Heels are a staple to every woman’s wardrobe, especially a pair of well-maintained ones. Studies show that people who have more attractive, well-kept heels tend to be more conscientious. But be careful on overdoing it with neutral colors (brown, tan, gray). Although they may match with anything and everything, people who wear mostly neutral shoe colors are more likely to have anxiety over their relationships (think, “wahh, why doesn’t he love me?”). Rock some red and you’ll be set.

Converse: Although these are my favorite pair of laid back kicks, we are not running a billionaire start-up (yet :)) nor are we Ellen DeGeneres, so rocking these bad boys every day would not be wise. Yet, Chucks do make you appear cool, calm, and comfortable. The main problem? There is absolutely no support in this shoe so make sure to tread wisely. And please don’t wear with a very expensive Yigal Azrouel dress. I’m talking to you, Stewart.

Ballet Flats: The universal piece of women’s footwear. They are simple yet convenient. Women who wear flats are categorized into adventurous beings that are non-conforming, courageous and high-spirited. Picture, Taylor Swift in her red flats writing her new break up anthem on a picnic blanket in Central Park surrounded by kittens. Or maybe just walking around town.

Platform Heels: Choosing the right platform high for  your body can be tricky. When a girl selects the right height in a heel they give off an energy of confidence and femininity. But, if you choose a shoe that has an excessively high platform you could come off as “high maintenance” or “stubborn”.  And no one wants that!

Shoes convey a small but perhaps important part of information about you and your personality. They may serve a practical purpose, but also convey nonverbal cues. So the next time you’re sorting through your resort wear and want to pair wisely, ask yourself this question, “what do these shoes say about me?”


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