Kenza Fourati in the hand painted ‘Masterful Impact’ by Maaji Swimwear

Apart from the hot styles we shared with you earlier, there other sizzling styles featured in this year’s 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that we are recommending. Apart from some exotic locations mentioned in previously, the SI editors decided to make body paint doubles of select luxury swimsuit styles. Among them is the fabulous Masterful Impact by Maaji Swimwear. Word has it the airbrushing artists worked on ‘mastering’ the print for hours and with the diversity in colors and patterns of this style, seems like they had quite a challenge ahead of them! However, the end product was flawless and model Kenza Fourati proclaimed in an SI video the artists were her ‘heros’. We’re sure she loved it!

Cleopatra Bikini by L*Space Swimwear

The other style that made waves (literally) in the spread was the Cleopatra Coral by L*Space Swimwear. This sophisticated but simple ensemble spruces up the look with gold hardware that slides up or down the straps as per  your preference. With the coral color being the “it” tone for Spring, this bikini was right on trend. We love the contrast of the hot salmon with the green palm trees.

Damaris Lewis in OndadeMar
Damaris Lewis in Betsey Johnson

Speaking of tropical looks, the Larwi Leaves bikini by OndadeMar also made its mark this year, modeled by [model name]. Shot in a hotel in the Philippines, this model shows us the meaning of dancing around in joy. She also featured a Betsey Johnson Swimwear style aptly named Rose Parade Hands One Piece. This one-piece swimsuit features a black gloves applique on mid torso and even showcases a rhinestone ring on one of the fingers! Truly whimsical and a staple of Betsey’s style.

Tides Embroidery by Vix Swimwear

Vix Swimwear had several styles features in the shoot, among others the Tides Embroidery suit. With its clear sequins and string bikini bottom, this number is recommended for women of all sizes. The adjustable triangle swimsuit top features removable padding for shape and support and allows you to adjust your cleavage area as you please. We love the shiny quality of the suit and gawk at how it shimmers in the sunlight.

Pina Bikini by Salinas Swimwear. Model: Brooklyn Decker

A pop of color was certainly a feature when it comes to the bikinis featured, and the Salinas Swimwear 2011 style in the ‘Pina’ storyline certainly made the cut. With little pineapples featured in the print, the Pina coral bikini exudes an allure of fun and summery flair. If you’re into hipster bottoms, consider the Island Queen bikini by OndadeMar Swimwear. This bottom features thicker straps on the sides and low waisted fit.

Finally, we go gaga for the the Sunset Triangle by Paradizia Swimwear. With its strong fucshia and earthy tones, this bikini makes every skin tone shine. The thing about Paradizia Swimsuits is that their so effortlessly sexy. And just like its counterpart, the Adventure bikini by Paradizia goes oozes sensuality. A banded bottom with embroidered sequins makes the perfect setting for pinup style.


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