When it comes to one-of-a-kind, luxury designer swimwear, Agua Bendita is a designer who is always at the top of Fashionistas’ lists worldwide. Since it’s inception in 2003, this Colombian brand has mastered the art of creating breathtaking swimwear that defies all myths that swimwear cannot be considered couture.

Agua Bendita is most easily recognized by the incredible attention to detail within every stitch of their amazing suits.  Each piece in their collections are hand-made with intricately beaded and embroidered designs. Since each suit, cover-up and accessory is hand-made they are also completely one-of-a kind with not one piece exactly like another. Another defining characteristics of most Agua Bendita suits is the fit. These suits are far from the saggy bottomed and unflattering styles seen on most beaches. Though the brand has everything from very narrow to full-coverage bottoms, they are most commonly recognized for their gorgeous and flattering Brazilian cuts.  One of the best examples of handiwork of Agua Bendita designs is in this collection’s Bendita Mecca Bikini as seen in this post.

Though a camera cannot really capture the uniqueness and beauty of these pieces, the intricacies of the beading can be seen in the close-up photo of the Bendita Mecca triangle top pictured below.

Bendita Mecca Beading Detail

Also pictured below, is the close-up of the bottom of the Bendita Mecca. This photo is a perfect example of the Brazilian cut with ruching and flutter detail that Agua Bendita is known for and quite frankly has become a master of.

Bendita Mecca Ruching and Flutter Detail























There is no better way to really understand and appreciate both the look and fit of these incredible suits then to try them on and see for yourself. Our South Beach boutique is very proud to carry one of the largest selections of Agua Bendita suits not only on the Beach, but in all of South Florida. Our Style Consultants and Fit Experts will help you find the perfect Agua Bendita that will make you feel incredible and certainly stand out in the crowd.


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