Orchid Boutique Exclusive- Maaji “Sunshine of the Sea”

We all know that Maaji Swimwear is pretty amazing as is, however what makes this exceptional brand and favorite of Orchid Boutique South Beach shoppers even better!? Exclusive styles!

Orchid Boutique Exclusive- Maaji “Violet Submarine”

If you were wondering what we really mean by “Exclusive Styles”, it means that no one (and I mean no one!) has these phenomenal pieces besides our sweet boutique in South Beach and our website, of course! Our Maaji Exclusives come in all coverages and ranges from bandeaus to triangle tops and monokinis to one-pieces, basically we have it all!

Visit Us At Orchid Boutique South Beach – 224 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139   305.397.8994


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