Shopping South Beach swimsuits is a scene like no other in the United States. Bikinis become a staple to every day life, since the weather rarely dips below a cool 70 degrees year-round. With such beautiful weather, there is no reason why you can’t stock up on sexy swimwear.

This is why a few years ago, our CEOs decided to set up shop and become one of the most successful boutiques in Miami. Orchid Boutique is proud to have a home in South Beach, the swimwear capital of the world (not sure if that exists, but now it does). Besides nightlife and an eclectic combination of cultures, Miami shopping is also huge for tourists and residents alike. So much so, that Ivan Rincon and Mayra Jimenez decided not only to house our e-commerce team here, but also to set up our infamous showroom for the most unique Miami shopping experience around.

south beach swimsuits

Our showroom, located at 1444 Biscayne Blvd, holds every single piece of inventory that is on our website. So at any given moment, we have upwards of 10,000 to 15,000 pieces of swimwear, resort wear, espadrilles, and beach accessories here just waiting to be tried on by you. Consider us your own personalized bikini closet.

Do you remember that scene in Clueless where Cher is getting ready for school and choosing her outfit? Let’s refresh your memory:

I remember watching that scene and thinking how AMAZING it would be to have a closet like that. Well guess what, I now work for a company who has a similar idea yet BIGGER.

south beach swimsuits

south beach swimsuits


Our brick and mortar store, once housed on the South Beach shopping circuit, has since moved because we wanted to create a unique, more personalized experience. Instead of having a storefront for customers to walk by and pop in just to peruse, we wanted to create an entirely new shopping adventure. We hoped that by creating the showroom, we would be able to bring in swimsuit enthusiasts such as ourselves, and make a more personalized effort to satisfy their shopping needs.

At our Miami showroom, you can buy bikinis from any one of our six style experts. All of our Orchid Gals are trained to help you find your perfect fit and build your bikini wardrobe wonderland.

Even Miami New Times ranked us as one of the Top 5 Best Swimwear Boutique in Miami.

south beach swimsuits


Right next to the Adrienne Arsht Center, we are located inside the Atlantis University building (it’s tall with floor-to-ceiling dark windows). You can find parking on the street in the front or in the parking garage in the back. Head inside the building and make your way to the elevator. From there, take it up to the third floor. Orchid Boutique is in Suite 313 at the end of the hall. Be prepared to be amazed.

To make the Miami shopping experience even easier, feel free to email a list ahead of time of the swimsuits you would like to try on to Let us know when you’ll be shopping by our showroom and we can have everything ready upon your arrival.

Sounds like the leaders in South Beach swimsuits just raised the bar 

Happy showroom shopping, everyone!


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