Long or short, we all know that our hair can get in the way of a great day at the beach. To ensure you’re having a “good hair day” and you’ve got your mane managed and under control for the pesky wind, make sure you’ve got a beach-ready style. We’ve rounded up some top tips for your beach hair as well as the top styles to pair with your trend-setting monokini swimsuit.

Top Beach Hair Tips

Tip 1 – Simplicity: Make sure you aren’t taking too long for your style so you can head out to the beach early. A complicated or time consuming style just isn’t worth it for a day on the beach, especially if you’re planning to take an afternoon swim.

Tip 2 – No blow-dryer needed: Your hair is already going to endure a day in the sun, don’t add heat damage from the blow dryer when it’s not necessary. Air drying is the key to healthier hair.

Tip 3- Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin: Make sure to spray a sun protectant on your gorgeous locks before you head out into the sun. We sometimes take hours deciding what color to choose for our hair this season, so don’t skip this step to ensure those damaging rays don’t alter your already perfectly toned hair.

Simple, Pretty and Perfect for the Beach Hairstyles

A twist on the classic ponytail: Try Kate Hudson’s style with a new version of the ponytail. Start with a low ponytail, adding volume at the back with some light teasing. Separate the ponytail into two equal sections and twist them together. Secure with an elastic band either mid-way or three-quarters of the way down for a unique look.

Spicing up a classic straight look: Try Audrina’s classic style embellished with a flower. If you’re in a tropical locale, it’ll be easy to find some beautiful flowers, just be sure not to pick them from the garden. If you’re allergic or just looking for an eternally beautiful floral, try a fabric flower hairpin. Adding a simple flower, be it small or large, can give your straight locks the perfect kick for a beach ready style.

Chic and simple, the classic bun: Try Whitney Port’s signature bun style. This is the perfect style for after your dip in the water. Gather your hair into a ponytail and twist it around itself. Secure with an elastic band and maybe a few bobby pins. Let this style down after air-drying for a fabulous set of true beach waves.

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