L*Space Swimwear has branched out their amazing aesthetic to two more sister brands, Maio and The Collection. The Collection is their long awaited line of beachwear that is full of beach cover ups, sarongs and flowy pants. Though this is a whole new ball game for them, L*Space still stays true to themselves by using innovative cuts and prints in The Collection.

I like to the think of the girl who wears L*Space as someone who follows fierce trends, while the new girl to love The Collection might be more comfortable embracing trends in a subtle, but still gorgeous, way. A great example of this is their flowy pants that have mesh cut outs in the front. They are perfect for a day at beach, taking you straight to lunch right after. You’ll feel cool and look HOT.

Of course, in normal L*Space fashion, they have a number of fringe cover ups in The Collection. Just don’t expect them to do anything twice!

To soak up the amazing-ness of The Collection, view the fashion show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGubwj5ww-0&feature=share&list=UUBcmNDqmmjItdpcGeaq7Rvg


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