Sofia Vergara can do no wrong in our book. From her exagerated Latin accent and endearingly sweet moments in Modern Family, to her voluptious curves, we have to say we love the gal. Fawned over by the likes of Tom Cruise back in the day (allegedly they had a one-night ‘date’ confirmed by both parties), and drooled over by the other characters in the her hit sitcom, it was no surprise People put her in a pinup swimsuit for the Most Beautiful Women repertoire this year.

Option 1: Nile Lana One Piece

How cool is it to have a woman out there embrace her curves and love the way she looks? We dig it. And when that combines with anything swimwear, you know we’re in line to provide a comment!


Ok so here’s the deal: we get why they chose the white swimsuit. It’s kind of an eighties-Madonna-meets-Marilyn-Monroe moment, perfect for someone of her silhouette. The thing is, to us Sofia needs a bit more of spice in her wardrobe. With the vociferous voice and Latin roots, why not spruce up the look with some animal print?

If we were the stylists of this Beatiful people shoot, we’d keep all the main elements: one piece swimsuit, underwire top, and pinup look, but we’d put her up in something like the Nile Lana One-Piece by Despi Swimwear.

Option 2: Into the Wild Lover

This underwire swimsuit comes with the same Monroe-ish flair but adds some animal prints to the mix, just for the kick this diva merits. Actually, if we had our way with this, we’d push it further into something a bit more literal, like the Into the Wild Love One Piece. This sexy suit by Nanette Lepore Swimwear features a lace-up detail at the back and pushes up the pinup-style in a current way. Nothing like covering the areas you want hidden but still being able to play on your good side (ie, perky girls). If you’re curvy like Sofia, and like to dress to impress at the beach, opt for one of these.

What do you think? Do you prefer the white or is something spicier a better fit?


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