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Ahhh, Mondays. The day when your swimsuits are hung up to dry and your beach towels folded away – we feel your pain. Although we can’t magically flip the calendar to the weekend, we can tell you all about the updated swimwear clearance section on our new website. Hopefully a little retail therapy for the swimsuit fashionista goes a long way to cure a case of the Mondays.

Layered Navigation

Everyone loves a good sale, BUT finding the right item can be daunting. Our new Clearance section is equipped with layered navigation allowing you to narrow down your search and find the perfect suit – faster!

A FEW TIPS: Sorting by price allows you to chose the price range that best fits your budget, and next to each price range it displays how many swimsuits are for sale within that range. Looking for something from $0-$100? No problem! Sorting by brand allows you to see the best deals we have within each designer. If you’re less sure about what brand you’re interested in, sorting by size allows you to narrow down the search for a size that will fit you. If you’re interested in a certain look, you can sort by style, such as Brazilian Cut bikinis or Full Coverage bottoms, or trend, such as swimsuit halter tops or bandeau tops, allowing you to find what you want on sale quickly.

Layered Navigtion in Action

The cool thing about this layered navigation is you can funnel through options and find the best deal. If you click on a category you’re interested in, say Skirted Bottoms, then you can select a price, and then click on size Large to view only skirted bottoms within that price and available in that size. You can continue selecting remaining categories until the perfect swimsuit for your qualifications is sorted. If at any point you want to widen your search again, you simply “X” out of the category you no longer are interested in.

Shopping our swimsuit sale just got a whole lot easier, maybe not as easy as lounging by the pool, but definitely easy enough to take away the case of the Mondays.


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