This seasons most popular trend for swim suits is the fringe tops. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of celebs like Rihanna and on the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition rocking these super hot fringe tops. We have to admit we love all versions of this trend here at The Orchid Boutique South Beach store.  Whether you go with the brand L* Space or Despi either halter or bandeau version in any of the colors are amazing! There are plenty of reasons why we love and are obsessed with theses tops, but the best part are there versatility. We love finding new ways to rock our swimsuits taking them from day to night.  Here are a couple of ways to flip your fringe.

For this look using the Despi macrame fur bandeau bikini top as shown on the left rotate the top so the neck strap hooks are on the bottom, you can also use the L * Space  fringe bandeau tops as well and in any color.(Remember to removing the neck strap).

This look is using the L* Space Audrey Estella halter top pictured on the right, once again rotate the top and tie around the neck and back like normal.

Using the same L* Space Audrey Estella halter top take the strings that you tie around your neck and tie them to the back waits string, giving you more of a spaghetti string fringe top look.

On this last look we used the Despi Macrame halter top pictured on the right and we where able to “flip” it twice. The first look is the original fringe, to create the second look take this top and tie the fringe around you torso having the fringe hang down.

Take the string that you would normally tie around your torso and tie it once at the base where both of the bottom’s meet then tie that around your neck.

To get the look from the third “flip” tie the fringed part again around your torso and tie the other string around your neck.

You could wear these looks with any high waist-ed pants or shorts, even with a maxi skirt for a night out. No matter which brand you choose or color these flips work for all fringe tops. Easily taking your top from day to night in just a flip!

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