Its no surprise that we love seamless bottoms here at the South Beach store. Not only is the fit amazing but so comfortable for those long summer days by the water.

Not to mention that we have a variety of selections to choose from from Brazilian cuts by L*Space like the L*Space Monique flamingo bottom to a more moderate cover offered by Maaji they make all of there beautiful bottoms both seamless and reversible. There’s also Malia that offer you both a high waited option such as the Black Orchid bottom and a boy short ruched back on the Leopard freesia bottom along with other moderate coverage seamless bottom options. If your looking for a gorgeous printed seamless bottom then go with  either the  Maui boy short or the Maui moderate coverage bottoms.

No matter what designer or coverage you choose your bound to find something at our South Beach store. But the real reason we love this cut is its flattering and comfortable. We know you’ve had those moments when you think “why cant my bikini bottom be as comfortable and flattering as my seamless underwear?!” well now it can be!

We love all the designers that came up with this concept and love the wonderful designers that we carry to be able to offer our customers this amazing fit. With the seamless bottom you never get the side pitching, the dreaded and hated muffin top look, the despised double back but that some elastic bottoms cause to your behind. Lets face it we wear bikinis to show off our curves and body’s but there’s nothing worse then your bikini bottom pitching you and cutting you on the sides.

No matter what design we have something for your style. Visit Us At Orchid Boutique South Beach – 224 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139   305.397.8994

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