We have tons of options when it comes to bathing suits from one piece, bikini’s, tankini’s, monokini’s, hight waisted, mix and match. The options of cuts and styles are endless at the Orchid Boutique.

We all have a look and style that we normally go for when shopping for a suit but do you ever think of what color or design is the most flattering? I’m sure we all have read numerous articles on figure flattering suits but color also has a lot to do with what will be flattering when choosing your swimsuit as well. We came up with a few pointers to help you find the perfect color for your suit.

  • The little black bathing suit: Options of cuts and styles are endless but when it comes to minimizing and flattering the larger parts of your body. Black is a classic.
  • Emphasize with color:  When it comes to colored suits we have plenty to choose from, but did you know that choosing a brighter color can make your breasts look bigger than they are? This trick also works if you want to emphasize a certain part of your body maybe plumping up a skimpy rump.
  • Pastels or creamy colors: Go with a lighter color if you want to d-emphasize,  but keep in mind when looking for pastels make sure the color won’t wash you out depending on your skin tone.
  • Bright colors and vertical stripes: Bright vertical stripes will help lengthen shorter frames. If you wish to lengthen your legs, try bright stripes on the bottom and pick a bright print on top

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