I had a customer come in looking for a hat while on vacation, she wasn’t sure which beach hat would fit well with her face shape. So she started trying on a few of her favorites, after a while she must have tried on all the hat options in the store more then twice.

Yet she was still not able to make a choice. Bummed out and frustrated, she asked her boyfriend for his opinion, and like many guys he said the safe line “oh I like that one” as she tried on all the hats again -never really giving her an opinion.

Finally she made a choice and went with a wide brim hat (one of my favs) from Florabella and after all the trying on and frustration was so excited to start wearing her new hat.

Here are your hat shape options:

Round faces: The idea is to elongate your face but also to balance it. Brims that are wider than your face help to help bring balance and make your face look narrower by comparison.

Square faces: Elongate your face by choosing a hat that sits high on your forehead. Like the Florabella Marie wide hat to the right.

Long faces: Go with a flared, wider brim and deep crown to widen and shorten the face.

Hearts and Diamonds: Since your chin is the narrowest point on your face, avoid wide brims that will make it look narrower. Any style will work well on you, try this Florabella Marlena Hat shown on the left.

Angular features: If you’ve got angular facial features, such as a square jaw or triangular nose, then look for hats to soften and complement those lines; think sweeping or floppy brims this Florabella Nadia Hat is a perfect example as seen on the right.

Oval faces: can wear pretty much anything they want

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