Leave it to Agua Bendita to dream big. With their new collection, we found a recurring trend to be that of the majestic. With a fairy-tale theme to these hand-made and couture pieces, what could possibly be better?

Bendito Caballo Bikini by Agua Bendita Swimwear 2011

The first suit that caught our eye is the delicate looking Bendito Caballo Bikini. If you’re a sucker for classically cut triangle tops and string bottoms, stay put – because we’re just getting started. The colorfully majestic print is the backdrop to Agua Benditas finely crafted beading and embellishments. From a white bead border to a maroon ruffle hemline, all we can say is love love love!

Bendito Cavallier Two Piece by Agua Bendita Swimwear 2011

Our next majestic pick is the Bendito Cavallier Two Piece. Not only is this suit unique to any suit we’ve ever seen, but the horse print on the  bottom is reminiscent of one of our favorite childhood memories: riding the carousel.  This two piece gives off the illusion of a covered up bikini, but in reality is a one piece, with a string top separate.

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