The Tribal Trend is something that’s not particularly new, but with innovation on a luxury designer’s side, the end product is tres chic and up for the running. L*Space Swimwear has done just that this season, with influences that ultimately formed one of our favorite looks for 2011 bathing suits: The Tribal Luxe.

Stardust Fringe Monokini by L*Space

Our first favorite to rock this up-and-coming look is the Stardust Fringe Monokini. We’re picky about our one-piece swimsuits here at The Orchid Boutique, but this tribal print features all of Fall’s neutrals with a pop of color! What’s not to love? We love the luxe fringe swinging from its plunging neckline, and its simplistic neck tie. It’s a demure luxury piece, yet offers a breakthrough style.

Dolly Stella Bikini by L*Space

Our next pick offers this luxe look with an orange twist. The Dolly Stella Bikini features a bandeau swimsuit top full of cascading fringe that is simply to die for. Adding even more interest is the matching orange bottom. The cut-out design at each hip serves as a lovely reminder that it’s all in the details!

The Tribal Luxe lady is someone who loves luxury, yet lives for adventure. She dresses to impress, while keeping her own individual style. What is your favorite frilly fringe look?


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