Spotlight on: Maaji 2016 Art Sense Collection

Maaji’s done it again with its 2016 collection, and by done it again I mean captivate us to the point where we’re carving every single one of their pieces. Their color selection and variety is amazing, making it easy for everyone to find something that will suit them. From fun bright greens and blues to the ethereal pastels, the color range is made to suit every skin color. Maaji swimwear is known for their versatility- they are reversible so basically you get two looks for the price of one. With social media and photos invading almost every aspect of our lives we are struggling more and more to change up our wardrobe so it doesn’t seem like we wear the same thing every time; reversibles make life a bit easier. I’m not joking when I say Maaji’s got everyone covered; take a look at some of their styles and fits:

The Underwire Top
Maaji has now become a master in the art of molded cups; this is excellent news for the girls with larger breasts. No one wants the girls hanging loose; some girls just need that extra support. If you can’t live without the underwire tops, Maaji will become one of your favorite brands. The good thing is they’re not your typical old looking underwire tops; they’re fun, flirty with vibrant patterns.


Crop Tops
We can’t stop talking about crop tops, but they’re just so flattering and unique. If you’re sick of the regular triangle bikinis, you’ll find tons of crop tops from this brand both underwired and regular. Some tie at the neck, others at the back and other have that sexy bustier look. I was recently trying to change up my bikini top style and I got into the crop top bandwagon, honestly I won’t be going back to regular tops for a while.


Back details- straps and crochet
Is there anything sexier or prettier than a top with back details? If you argue with me you haven’t seen these tops, you’ll fall in love with one of them. You can choose from intercrossing straps, corset style straps, caged looks, of crochet details. These details add edginess to your bikini look just be careful when tanning!


Full, Moderate or Brazilian- you choose
Maaji thinks of everyone when designing their swimwear, let’s face it most of us don’t have J.Lo’s bum and we definitely don’t want it hanging out all the time. Some Maaji bikinis come with full coverage bottoms, others with moderate and other offer Brazilian coverage. There’s basically a style for everyone, Maaji’s literally got you covered when it comes to bottoms.



Ana Lopez

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